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2020 Edea from Skates US Virtual Aerial Figure Skating Challenge

It’s time to register for the 2020 Edea from Skates US Virtual Aerial Figure Skating Challenge!  Athletes can compete through both the on-ice and off-ice jump challenges for their level, as well as 1-2 levels above their test level.  By participating, skaters will compete individually to receive their rank and final score total as well as contribute to their home club’s overall point total.  Each club, rink facility or university will be striving for the top three spots to earn prize money at the conclusion of the event.  Here’s how you can join!

Step 1: Visit (Event Website).

Step 2: Register using the following link:

- Enter your personal contact information.

- Select your level of competition.

- Type in your home club (USFS), home rink (ISI) or university (collegiate)

- Enter your planned skills (reference the element chart for each level on the event website)

- Select the on-ice or off-ice jump challenge (or both!)  Can do a backflip on or off the ice?  That’s an option too!

Registration Deadlines:

September 12: Pre-Preliminary, Preliminary

September 19: Pre-Juvenile, Adults: All Levels

September 26: Juvenile, Intermediate

October 3: Novice, Junior

October 10: Senior, Backflip Challenge, Collegiate

Step 3: Video your skills!  See the Video Guidelines section of the event website…

Step 4: Submit your video!  See the video submission section of the event website…

You’re all done!  Skaters will be judged and the top 5 ranked skaters in each category will progress to our live show.  Those skater’s entries will be viewed by those around the nation and judged by a panel of celebrity judges such as Frank Carroll, John Nicks, Carol Heiss, Brian Boitano, Paul Wylie, and many more!  All skaters will receive a certificate with their judging results and rank, the top 25 in each category will be highlighted on the event website, and a medal from the event is optional.  

Don’t miss out on a really unique event and a chance to be part of a national live show!

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